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Talent Q предлагает
психометрические решения для
оценки и развития персонала.
Мы также рады помочь в том, что
касается консультирования HR и
руководителей в области управления
и развития талантов.

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Описания различных проектов, реализованных консультантами Talent Q на территории России, размещены в нашем каталоге. Скачать каталог.

Исследования Talent Q International

Developing women leaders with the RCSI

The RCSI is using Dimensions to enhance the skills and confidence of women in a new leadership programme From its roots in Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has expanded internationally and now has campus locations in Bahrain, Malaysia and Dubai, where it provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training. The College’s Institute of Leadership is based in Dubai and provides academic and executive development programmes for middle and senior healthcare professionals. Читать исследование на англ.языке >> Скачать исследование на англ.языке >>

Работодатели глазами выпускников ВУЗов

Что выпускники думают об организации процесса отбора в компаниях? Что они ожидают от работодателей? Что может останавливать их от попыток трудоустройства в компанию? Скачать исследование на англ. языке

“Замкнутый круг” массового подбора

Замкнутый круг массового подбора возникает потому, что сотрудники отдела подбора вынуждены брать неподходящих людей, чтобы побыстрее закрыть большое количество вакансий. Почему это происходит и чем грозит организации? Скачать исследование на англ. языке

Как повысить вовлеченность сотрудников

Узнайте больше о том, как грамотно мотивировать сотрудников и добиваться роста их удовлетворенности и вовлеченности. Скачать исследование на англ. языке

Кейсы, примеры проектов Talent Q International

An evidenced approach to developing HR strategy: transformation in Royal Mail (Strategic HR Review)

This article explores the growing body of research seeking to demonstrate impact of strategic human resource management on the financial performance of organisations. By way of example a case study briefly outlines the approach taken to developing an evidence-based, metric-driven approach to formulating HR strategy within the Royal Mail, the government-owned postal operator in the UK. Download

PartyGaming – Managing talent through discovering talent

Online gaming is a very fast-moving, innovative, creative and technology-driven industry. The ability to adapt to change is a prerequisite for any online gaming company, especially in light of the intense competition and ever increasing consumer demands for great entertainment from new and exciting games. Talent Q helped PartyGaming develop their talent management strategy with assessment at its core; to develop existing staff and recruit new hires more effectively. Download

Royal Mail Group – Restructuring their commercial function

With an increasingly competitive landscape and ongoing regulatory challenges, in 2008 Royal Mail restructured its sales and marketing functions comprising almost 3000 employees, to create a commercial environment that excels in the creation of value for our customers and business. Talent Q designed a fair and robust process enabling Royal Mail to achieve their strategic objectives for the new business functions within cost and timescale. Download

Talent Q & Basis jointly deliver Advanced Leadership Programme for Lambeth Council

Talent Q partnered with Basis to deliver an Advanced Leadership Programme for Lambeth Council. Lambeth Council identified 50 managers they believed had the potential to become senior leaders of the future. This advanced programme was designed to develop their leadership skills, allowing them to create strong and lasting networks across the council and identified their development needs. Download

Measuring the ROI of Employee Assessment -

Many organisations would like to have a clearer understanding of the return gained through their investments in people, for instance accurately assessing external and internal talent to select and promote the best people. This is often seen as ‘too difficult’ and as a result sidelined. This white paper has been designed to introduce organisations to the concepts and issues associated with assessing the ROI of talent assessment. View